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I Don't Know Links

"It was a layup drill out there and they got whatever they wanted," Nowitzki said. "They got open looks, they got offensive rebounds, so at no point in the game I thought we could really stop them."
That quote from Dirk is one of many pretty depressing quotes in the papers this morning.

Eddie Sefko, who is getting increasingly pessimistic in his game recaps, got right to the point.
...these Mavericks are flat-out bad right now.
Sefko also wrote this, which kind of makes you sick.
The Mavericks are 12-8. At one point last season, they were 35-8...
Yikes. Time for a 23 game winning streak.


Devean George wasn't quite up to game speed last night.
George, who's been out with a stress reaction in his left foot, came in with 10:24 to go in the first quarter after Devin Harris picked up two fouls. It took George nine seconds to pick up his first foul, and in three minutes, 59 seconds in the first half, he had three fouls.

Mike Fisher can't figure this team out.
"We're all disappointed,'' Mavs coach Avery Johnson said. "We don't want to play this way.''

One of the problems: Exactly what "way'' are they trying to play?

The lack of defensive intensity - "defensive intensity'' being the very essence of Avery -- is stunning. The absence of consistency (Exhibit A: Devin Harris) is alarming. The continuing grab-bag approach (Exhibits A and B: meaningless moments of burn for out-of-mothballs Juwan Howard and Devean George) is maddening.
I think every Mavs fan was confused by Juwan Howard randomly getting minutes last night.


Jan Hubbard was not impressed with the coaches and players wearing microphones.
"Good hustle, men," Johnson said. "Keep it up."

The verbal fireworks continued when the cameras switched to Stackhouse.

"Let's go, let's go, let's go," Stackhouse said.


Quote of the Day:
"They're not very pretty right now," president Donnie Nelson said. "But they're ours, and we love them."
-Donnie Nelson