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Thursday Links

It wasn't a real pretty win last night, but it also wasn't as close a game as the final score indicates. Just about anytime you can control the pace that well against a team who just wants to run you will end up on top.

Sefko recaps the game and points to good free throw shooting as the main reason for the win.

The Mavericks survived Mike Miller's spray of 3-pointers by hitting all 14 of their free throws in the fourth quarter, including eight by Dirk Nowitzki, four in the final 13.1 seconds.

"We're one of the best free throw teams in the league," Nowitzki said. "Free throws can win you big games."

It sounds like Jason Terry will join Dirk again in the three-point shootout.


Art Garcia writes about the possibility of Dampier being an All-Star this year. He also points out something that I probably knew at one point but had forgotten.
The final year of Dampier's contract -- the 2010-11 season -- is worth $13.075 million, and it will be guaranteed if he makes the All-Star team twice.
I don't really think Dampier has any chance of making the team though. Even if the league decides to pick a Center to replace Yao instead of a forward I think the choice would definitely be Okur. For one thing, he's been better, and it would also give the Jazz a representative in the game with Boozer out.


Artist rendition of Avery Johnson wearing an Austin Croshere jersey last night.


Down in the D-League: It was a down game for Mensah-Bonsu who scored 15 and grabbed seven rebounds. He also committed four fouls, turned the ball over three times and blocked two shots.

For his last hurrah in Fort Worth, Barea scored 25 on 8 of 17 shooting. He attempted eight threes, making four, and got to the free throw line for nine shots, making just five. He also dished out eight assists and had just one turnover. Barea's line in eight games with the Flyers:
36.25 79-151 21-48 59% 5 7.75 3.13 27.25


Around the NBA: Utah, without Boozer, beat San Antonio last night. The Spurs had a record of 9-7 in January.

Boston keeps losing, and Kevin Durant keeps going off with 37 and 23 games.