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Valentine Links

Dwain Price knows how the Mavs came back last night - Dirk.

With Dirk Nowitzki having the hot hand, the Mavs rallied from a 16-point deficit, ended the game on an 11-1 run and held off the Bucks 99-93 at the Bradley Center. Nowitzki scored 38 points and added 11 rebounds and eight assists in an MVP-type performance.

"Dirk Nowitzki is incredible," coach Avery Johnson said. "Sometimes I get caught watching him, he's so good."

The Bucks must have been watching Nowitzki, too. Of the Mavs' final 11 points, Nowitzki scored four, assisted on a 3-pointer by Jerry Stackhouse and delivered another assist to Jason Terry for the basket that put the Mavs ahead, 95-93, with 34.9 seconds left.

Sefko has some news on Deavan George's knee in his game recap.
It was uglier for George than anybody when he had his right knee bent awkwardly during a scramble for a loose ball with 7:35 left in the fourth quarter.

He was fitted for a brace after the game, when he couldn't bend his leg enough to put his shoe on.

"It got hit on the side," George said. "Hopefully, it'll feel better [today], but I may get an MRI."
Don't like that word 'bent'.


Something to keep an eye out for?
When guard Devin Harris had his high school jersey retired during a Monday morning ceremony here in Milwaukee, coach Avery Johnson was on hand for the festivities.

And in typical Johnson fashion, when a DVD highlight of Harris' career was shown a lightbulb went off.

"I failed as a coach," Johnson said, "because they threw him about 10 lobs in high school and I haven't run a lob play for him yet."

Here is the scoring rundown for the Bucks in the 4th quarter last night.
  • 10:29 - Earl Boykins makes 16-foot jumper
  • 8:45 - Mo Williams makes layup
  • 8:00 - Mo Williams makes three
  • 7:05 - Mo Williams makes layup
  • 3:35 - Technical free throw
  • 0:50 - Made free throw
That's what an 11 point quarter looks like.


Around the NBA: The Spurs beat up on New Jersey.

Wade injured his shoulder and left the game against the Blazers last night. Fortunately for Miami the shoulder healed itself before the game ended and Wade scored 16 in the 4th.

The Wizards are looking to trade for a defensive minded guard like Chris Duhon.

Feeling pressure to make move after the Spurs traded for Melvin Ely, the Rockets sent Scott Padgett to Memphis for Jake Tsakalidis.

Dan LeBatard is pretty unimpressed by Pat Riley's decision to return after the break.
Anybody else with less aura and less credibility and less jewelry would be getting savaged for how selfish and convenient his timing has appeared lately in deciding when to coach and not coach the champion Miami Heat.

Riley doesn't coach when the team is in last place or laboring or even bored. But Riley returns triumphantly whenever Shaquille O'Neal does. Riley suspends James Posey and Antoine Walker for fatness, then leaves poor Ron Rothstein to take the beatings without them. Shaq and Dwayne Wade are healthy? Suddenly, so is Riley.