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Round of Applause for Henry Abbott

For those of you who missed the announcement yesterday, ESPN had made a great decision and added Henry Abbott and the best basketball blog out there,, to their network.

I just signed a contract with ESPN. They now own the name TrueHoop, and I am a full-time ESPN employee.

From your perspective as a reader, I don't think it will mean all that much. The writing, and the way TrueHoop is created will not change. I'll be reading and linking to the same newspapers, blogs, magazines, and websites every day.

The various executives and editors at ESPN have been nice enough to make clear, even in writing, that they aren't interested in monkeying in any profound way with the way things happen here. (The changes are along the lines of not swearing, and not linking to porn. Not big concessions for me.) It will continue to look more or less like what you are looking at right now. I'll be sitting at the same desk, doing the same work.
It's great to see him get this well deserved opportunity. True Hoop is a friend of Mavs Moneyball, and I'm sure there are quite a few of you who found this site thanks Henry linking here on several occasions.

If you aren't a True Hoop reader, you should be. I know all of you have at least read one thing of his. Back in November, Henry lost a bet to me and graced this very site with his writing -- I Love the Mavericks by Henry Abbott.

I look forward to seeing what True Hoop can become with the added resources. And congrats on the paycheck!