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Game 53 vs Houston Player Ratings

I know the Mavs said they didn't want to go into the break with a loss, but I don't think a game like that is what they had in mind either.

Game 53
Rating Avg -
Dirk Nowitzki 9 8.4 Mavs offensive struggles began when Dirk went out with early foul trouble
Jason Terry 7 7.3 Clutch
Josh Howard 8 7.9 Had a lot to do and did a lot
DeSagana Diop 6 6 Sloppy
Jerry Stackhouse 6 6.6 Hit some nice shots but drove me crazy in the closing minutes
Greg Buckner 7 6.1 Played McGrady well
Devin Harris 6 7.1 Attacked the basket more than anyone else but you have to make your free throws
Erick Dampier 7 6.9 Nothing spectacular but a nice night on the glass
Austin Croshere 5 5.9 After Bonzi and Juwan Howard showed he couldn't guard them his night was over