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End of the Week Links

Glowing words from Shane Battier about his team after the game last night.

"We are who we are, and you have to live with that."

Compare that to what Jason Terry had to say.
"Games like that really test your faith in each other and your teammates," said Jason Terry, one of the clutch-time standouts despite struggling with his shot all night.

"Dirk hit some big shots. [Jerry Stackhouse] hit some big shots. That shows a lot about keeping the faith through adversity."

Sefko puts 44 wins in Mavs historical context.


Avery's response when asked about the Mavs making a trade.
"I've given our guys my word that if I thought there was something out there that we should do that was going to help us become a better ballclub, we'd do the same thing," Johnson said. "But, right now, we like where we are."
Highly unlikely the Mavs make a trade in the next six days.


Really good article on Josh Howard from the Dallas Observer. (credit to marie)


Sounds like Devean was pretty worrieed about his knee at first.
George said doctors ran him through tests to make sure there was no damage to his cartilage. With the favorable diagnosis, he's hoping the two-week estimate is a little off target.

"I'm hoping that's the latest," George said. "It feels better. The first night, I couldn't do anything. I couldn't sleep. Any movement made it hurt. There's so much progress in one day. I'm not really worried now."

Around the NBA: A Scottie Pippen comeback? I'm curious to see if he could still play, but not for the Mavs of course.

Does the NBA want the dunk contest to be boring? They won't allow Dwight Howard to raise the rim to 12 feet for one of his dunks.