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Three-Point Shootout Poll

So I was going to do a write-up about all the participants, but did one better than I could. I'll just throw up a poll instead.

Steve Kerr has picked Jason Terry.

The newcomers tend to rush through the process, losing their groove pretty quickly while worrying about time running out. That would give the advantage to Nowitzki, a veteran of the competition who is most likely to relax, which is key. Still, I'll predict that Nowitzki's Mavericks teammate Terry will come away with the crown. He's just the sort of big-game shooter who can get hot at the right time.
And ESPN's David Thorpe picked Dirk in a chat saying he jumps the least during his shot allowing him to keep his rhythm better and spend less time per shot. He didn't like Kapono's chances for the same reason - he jumps too high taking more time per shot.

If you find anymore predictions post them in the comments.