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Saturday Stuff

Denver tonight and Nuggets coach George Karl has said a few things that I think are kind of odd.

I think every year sometimes the best team goes out and tries to win 60 games," Karl said. "Dallas obviously is going out and trying to make a statement by playing.

"I don't think San Antonio is [trying to win 60 games] this year. But that doesn't mean they're not going to win 53, 54 and have a great year and see what happens when they get to the playoffs."
Do great teams really try to win 60, or does it just happen because they're better than everyone else? And shouldn't very team trying to be win 82 games? Maybe it's just a bit of misquote because I can't quite figure out what he's trying to say. Karl has been the coach of two 60 win teams.

Karl also had this on the Mavs success.
"I think it's the transformation of Josh Howard and Jason Terry from being very good players into studs," he said. "What's happened on that team is [Dirk] Nowitzki doesn't have to put the throttle down to the floor every night."
Kind of interesting that he would include Terry in that sentence.


Newy Scruggs, no really - Newy Scruggs, has a short article about the Heat game and how it didn't matter or something. Not sure what he was getting at actually...


Sefko has a good article about Jerry Stackhouse accepting and embracing his role as the sixth man.


Injury Update: Josh Howard, who did not practice yesterday, is a game-time decision for tonight's game after landing on Jason Kapono's feet coming down from a jumpshot. The Mavs weren't real pleased by that.
The Mavericks made it clear they will get the NBA office's attention anytime they feel a defender steps underneath a jump shooter, causing the shooter to potentially come down on the defender's feet - exactly the situation with Miami's Jason Kapono that caused Josh Howard's sprained right ankle.

"This is about the second or third time somebody's run under Josh, and it's something that we're taking a serious look at," Johnson said.
During his jumpshot, Josh Howard kicks his feet forward and lands with them in front of his body more than any player in the NBA. As long as he keeps shooting like that things like this are going to keep happening. And it often won't be the defenders fault.

Devean George is hoping to rejoin practice on Wednesday.

Greg Buckner will be wearing a different mask to protect his nose tonight than the one he wore against the Heat.


Down in the D-League: Last night's game between the Flyers and Toros was postponed after the death of Toro's coach Dennis Johnson.

Good stuff on DJ here, here, and here.