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Devin Harris Has a Good Attitude

Love this guy.

As for Harris, he's just happy to be playing well.

"It makes absolutely no difference whether I start or not," he said. "The minutes are about the same, so whatever helps us win."

Moreover, Harris has the right outlook about the Mavericks' increasingly remarkable record.

"That's all fool's gold," he said. "It's the regular season. Things aren't going to happen like this in the playoffs. We're just building a foundation."

Also, Donnie Nelson says the team is in no hurry to fill their 15th roster spot and that it won't necessarily be filled with a 3rd center.
The search is on for the last roster spot, and Nelson said the ideal candidate, regardless of position, "has to be somebody who can give us minutes in a playoff atmosphere."

He's quick to point out that kind of player usually isn't available. Still, he has some players in mind and will continue to survey the list of current free agents, players overseas and in the D-League, and those waived by midnight Thursday. Anyone waived after that deadline isn't playoff eligible.

"We don't feel a sense of urgency," Nelson said. "If we entered the playoffs tomorrow, we'd be in pretty good shape."