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Wednesday Stuff

No team in NBA history has ever had three 12 game winning streaks in one season -- until this years Mavs of course.

Don't tell John Hollinger though. I know this from yesterday, but he posted an explanation of why the Spurs are #1 in his rankings that can't be ignored.

I realize this is hard to swallow when one looks at the standings, but that's the whole point here -- I'm trying to get you to look beyond them. Once you do, it immediately becomes apparent that the Spurs are a major threat to win the championship, and that they're No. 1 in the rankings because, as heretical as this may sound, they're playing better than everyone else right now. Dallas included.
His argument is that margin of victory trumps all, so let's take a look at it. In the last 10 game the Mavs have an average winning margin of +9.29, the Spurs +7.86. In the year 2007 Dallas has an average margin of victory of +10.04, the Spurs +6.15. His conclusion doesn't seem to make sense even using his own logic.

I could write 5,000 words on this without blinking, but since Hollinger isn't willing to put any further thought into his obviously flawed formula, I won't either.


Dwain Price talked to Anthony Johnson about his time in Dallas.
"I didn't ask for a trade," Johnson said. "I just wanted to win a championship.

"If that meant me sitting down, then so be it."

In 40 games this season, Johnson averaged 3.8 points and 2.0 assists in 14.1 minutes.

"Being here in Dallas, I love the city, I love the team, I love the guys on the team, I love the coaching staff, the organization," Johnson said. "Everything was great.
Johnson received a polite applause when he entered the game and a big hug from Mark Cuban afterwards.


Transcript from an Eddie Sefko chat yesterday.


Mark Cuban apparently mentioned Reggie Miller's name as a candidate for the open roster spot. No comment.


Josh Howard thinks people are out to get him.
"I just know it was a point of emphasis in the [preseason] officials' meeting and there ain't nothing happening," Howard said. "It's happened to me five times this year. And I think I'm the only guy it happens to.

"Hopefully, they'll send the tapes in and have a talk with those people, because that ain't right. I'm the only one it's been happening to and I know it's not fate. Somebody's telling somebody to do something."
I still think this primarily Howard's fault, but you could still argue that a foul should be called.


Ray Buck has a good article on Dirk Nowitzki's evolution as a passer. Devin Harris had this shocking thing to say.
"Dirk has changed his diet," Harris said. "He's increased his weight training. He's totally focused on being the best player he can be and helping our team win the title.

"He's not drinking any beer, either. That's pretty strong for a German."
And Mark Cuban complimented Dirk and seems to take a jab at Don Nelson at the same time.
"That's what makes it so refreshing... the effort that Dirk puts into it," Mavs owner Mark Cuban said. "If Dirk had been in this [Avery Johnson] system when he came into the league eight years ago, he'd have had been getting eight-assist games six years ago."

"Dirk is getting better and better as a passer. Before, it was all free-lance here. You'd better shoot it -- or you were going to get benched."

Injury Update: Devean George, Greg Buckner, and Josh Howard all made the trip to Minnesota. George will not play while Buckner and Howard are gametime decisions.