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Devin Harris Says the Right Things

Yesterday I posted some quotes by Devin Harris about how it made no difference to him if he was starting or coming off the bench.

"It makes absolutely no difference whether I start or not," he said. "The minutes are about the same, so whatever helps us win."
I dug up an article from earlier in the season that I recalled, and his answer to a similar question is a bit more honest.
"I think I've got a better sense of running the team," said Harris, who has started all but the first two games of the season. "It's different coming off the bench as opposed to starting.

"I can really set the tone as a starter instead of me trying to find it once I get out there. And that helps me get in the game a little bit earlier."
The two statements don't necessarily contradict each other. It just means Devin cares more about winning than starting.