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Timberwolves Game Player Ratings

If you watched tonight, you saw what is maybe the best defensive game by the Mavs -- ever.

65 points allowed, a new franchise record.
Opponent field goal percentage of 29.6%, a new franchise record.
Just look at all those X's!

Game 57
Rating Avg -
Dirk Nowitzki 10 8.5 14 Rebounds and possibly my defensive player of the game
Jason Terry 8 7.4 Nice all-around game
Josh Howard 9 7.9 77% eFG% - Made 6 in a row at one point. And I swear he had more than one block.
DeSagana Diop 9 6.1 Also a contender for defender of the game. Really active on the glass
Jerry Stackhouse 6 6.7 Couldn't find a rhythm
Devin Harris 8 7.2 Drew three charges (should have been 4)
Erick Dampier 6 6.8 Wasn't bad but wasn't near as effective as Diop
Austin Croshere 6 5.9 Got his rebounds as always but not great shooting night
Pops Mensah-Bonsu 6 5.7 Ladies and gentleman your most efficient player in the NBA
Jose Barea 6 5.6 Sneaky fast
Moe Ager 7 5.6 On his first defensive possession Trenton Hassell tried to post him up and failed miserably. Also made a nice pass to Barea on a fast break.