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No Reggie Miller in Dallas...

Wow, that rumor had no legs at all.

Johnson dismissed talk that retired shooting guard Reggie Miller was on the Mavs' short list. But he said the team is open to anybody with the proper credentials - playoff experience and the ability to do at least one thing very well.

"I wouldn't say it has to be any particular spot," Johnson said. "We have an order of what we prefer. But there's not really a lot of choices right now. If we can't get somebody in that order, we'll take the best veteran available."
Or wait, Dwain Price tells a slightly different story.
Avery Johnson wouldn't refute Cuban's comment, but he did say the Mavs won't be pursuing Keith Van Horn, who played for Dallas last year. He also said the Mavs will use their final roster spot to sign the best available veteran, regardless of what position he plays.

"We may have an order of what we prefer. But I'm not going to comment on Miller."
Mildly interesting. I wouldn't really be fan of signing Miller, not because I don't think he could contribute, but because I think it would end up being a sideshow. And Reggie Miller would probably have more to gain by joining the Mavs than the Mavs would by signing him.


Even Avery was pleased with the defense last night.
"It's got to be up there," said coach Avery Johnson, not one to pass around accolades flippantly. "I like to nitpick, and we'll find something on film. But overall, our guys competed at a high level and they were active.

"Obviously, it's not all our defense. We don't want to flatter ourselves. But at the same time, give our defense some credit. DeSagana Diop had one of his better games closing down the middle and trying to play [Kevin] Garnett the best he could."
Also Avery clarified why he's so angry about the way Josh has been spraining his ankles.
"The whole thing is that with plays like that, it's not necessarily intentional," coach Avery Johnson said. "It's a matter of giving a player space to come down. Now maybe there's been some situations where a guy tries to run up under you intentionally.

"But what's the rule? Whether a guy gives you space to come down or not, that's the question. You got to be able to come down."
That I can agree with.