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More on Dwyane Wade

I'm not trying to kick him while he's down, but funny is funny. And this is funny.

Wade has already begun his grueling rehab process. He spends his days with a trainer, swimming laps and working to rebuild the strength in his shoulder. But the hardest part is running on the treadmill, a process which consists of repeatedly falling down and getting up, something the persistent Wade is used to by now.

"Argghh...Urgghhh...Come on! I can do this!" Wade gasped as lifted himself off the floor once again. He then grabbed the handle of the treadmill with his one good hand and resumed running, only to fall soon after, calling to mind the struggles of Jesus as he carried the cross. A camera crew from WSVN Miami stood close by to capture the moment.

Wade stopped by practice on Monday to pay a visit to his teammates. After being wheeled into the locker room by his agent, he gave a talk to the team while being hoisted up by Shaquille O'Neal and Antoine Walker. According to Heat players, the speech was "inspirational."
In actual Wade news, it's sounding like Wade will skip surgery for now and attempt a heroic playoff return.