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Reggie Miller Will Not Play For the Mavs

Despite Randy Galloway going on air and saying a deal for Miller was 99% done, Reggie Miller will not be joining the team tomorrow or ever for that matter.

Art Garcia with the scoop from GM Donnie Nelson.

"That's not happening," Nelson said. "Why not throw in Dr. J and Steve Kerr? It's pretty unfair to ask a guy to step out of the broadcast booth and compete against the best players in the world."

"You've got to look at locker room factors," he said. "We're not going to do anything to tip the balance of this locker room. Why would we want to detract on what we're doing?

"There aren't exactly any difference-making names out there. You're talking about a support piece. We're not going to just sign someone without working them out first to see if they would fit."