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Thursday Links

Ahead of tonight's game between the Cavs and Dallas Eddie Sefko calls the Mavs the "Anti-Lebron's".

No Maverick is in the same galaxy. Dirk Nowitzki, meanwhile, wasn't even in Nike's latest commercial featuring 10 of its clients who are collectively dubbed "the second coming." He was asked. But it would have required him to travel from Germany in the off-season and that was of no interest to him.

James is in the commercial. So is Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire and a slew of others. But no Dirk.

Or maybe it's James' mystique that separates him. The No. 1 pick in 2003 has a rock-star air about him and even a cool nickname - King James.

The Mavericks have Josh Howard, the 28th pick of that same draft. He has no nickname and is more rock-solid than rock star.

LeBron has a commercial where he plays four different versions of himself.

The Mavericks have one voice, one mission.

They are the anti-Lebrons.

Greg Buckner is probable for tonight's game.

Devean George is expected to practice on Friday but was originally slated to return yesterday.


Dwain Price has an article about LeBron James 'down' year with quotes from the Mavs.


David Moore asked the active MVP winners who should win the award this season. The result -- not Dirk. The most amazing thing about that article is that there are only five former MVP winners currently active.

Player's dont vote on the award, but if they did Dirk would have Lebron's vote.


Buck Harvey of the San-Antonio Express News sees a problem with Hollinger's power rankings.
Numbers can tell you what you want them to tell you. And if yours are telling you the Spurs, not the Mavericks, are the best in the Western Conference right now, then you need some new numbers.