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Saturday Stuff

Still no game today...

The Mavs spent last night at the annual Tux & Tennies fundraiser. I haven't found any pictures from the event yet; they're usually pretty entertaining.


Sefko writes bout Devean George and Greg Buckner brining more than just defense.

This team finds open players. What they must do is reward the passers by making shots. Last year, that didn't happen often enough to suit Johnson's taste.

"That's the key, because as much as I was concerned about some things defensively going into the off-season, I was concerned about our offense," Johnson said. "Buckner, the last game, he was a threat offensively. And George, before he got hurt, was pretty good offensively.

"So we just didn't want to bring in guys that were so one-dimensional defensively that it would bog us down offensively."

First there was the Mavs Wiki, and now the Mavs have their own 'MySpace'.

Just for fun I created a MavsMoneyball page, but I'll probably never look at it again.


Eric Neel, ZzzzZzzz...


Dirk In a Box


Sefko also has an article about some of the great things Avery does outside of coaching.


An update the J-Ho nickname search. "The Fifth Element" is getting the most support, but my favorite is "J-5".