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03/11: Dallas Mavericks at LA Lakers Open Thread

The well rested Mavs (winners of 16 of their last 16), take on the Lakers (winners of three of their last fourteen) in LA tonight. It will be fourth meeting between the team this season. Here's what happened in the first three:

  • Game One (ratings): Close game. Dallas starters score 98 of the teams 110 points. Kobe scored 33, 14 from the FT line, defended by primarily Harris and George.
  • Game Two Dallas loses the 4th quarter by 12 and the game by three. Vujacic went nuts in the fourth to spark the Lakers comeback. Dirk was the only Mav to really have a good game.
  • Game Three (ratings): Without Devin Harris, the Mavs dominate the Lakers in every way. George, Terry, Howard, and Dirk all have great games -- even Anthony Johnson chipped in 11 points.
Dallas hasn't lost to the same team twice all season. If that continues tonight, Dallas will win their 17th in a row (7th longest in NBA history).

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