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Friday Links

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Sefko writes about last season when the Mavs went 9-8 in the month of March. There are plenty of quotes from players about how they just want to get things corrected before the playoffs.


Injury Update Devean George didn't practice yesterday, and it sounds like he will miss tonight's game.

Devin Harris sounds like he's ready to go.

"I got hit in the medulla oblongata," Harris said with a laugh. "Nah, I got a pretty good shot in the back of the head and kind of lost feeling on the right side for a little bit, but it came back when I was sleeping last night."
Update [2007-3-16 11:46:20 by Wes Cox]: Pete Aldrich reports that both Devean George and Greg Buckner will miss the game against Boston tonight.


Garcia writes about the Suns game pointing out the areas that still need improvement.


Avery Johnson isn't worried about the teams ability to handle pressure.
"We love pressure," the Mavericks coach said Thursday. "I know I love it."

He pointed to the first-round playoff series against Houston two years ago, when the Mavs rallied from an 0-2 series deficit to eliminate the Rockets, and last season's march to the Finals.

Jon Barry, you're on notice.
"Going into the game, I thought Dirk was the MVP," said ESPN analyst Jon Barry, who worked Wednesday's game. "Now, I'm at a toss-up. What Steve did reinforced why he was a two-time MVP. He knows when to score, pull back, push it and pass. I think he's as good as anybody who's played this game."

"What came to my mind is what (Heat guard) Dwyane Wade said," Barry said, referring to Wade's comment that Nowitzki was the reason Dallas lost the NBA Finals because "he wasn't the leader he was supposed to be in the closing moments."