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Did Anyone Think the Mavs Would Lose?

I didn't. David Moore didn't either.

The Mavericks have spoiled us.

This team ties a club record with its 14th straight victory, and we wonder why it's so close.

It struck me watching the Mavericks' 95-92 win over Cleveland on Thursday night how absurd this season has become. The Mavericks have been so good for so long, they have raised the bar so ridiculously high, that anything less than dominance qualifies as an off night.

Johnson was right. The Mavericks didn't play well on either end of the floor in the fourth quarter. They were outscored 30-21 and let the Cavaliers back into the game.

But who among you thought the Mavericks would actually lose the game?

That's what I thought.
Mavs fans are getting spoiled. That crowd last night was bored. They were there only to pass time until the playoffs, maybe catch a glimpse of Lebron James. It's a good thing the team has never come that complacent. They just keep winning.
The winning streak is up to 14 (tying the franchise record), and the Mavs (49-9) moved 40 games over .500 for only the second time in franchise history, doing it 20 games faster than last season when they peaked at 59-19. The seventh consecutive 50-win season -- and ninth in franchise history -- can be clinched Saturday at home against Orlando.

Fifty, though, has long been a forgone conclusion. At this point, so is 60. As improbable as it seems after the 0-4 start, 70 remains a possibility, just not a priority.
And Mavs fans keep taking it for granted. I'm guilty myself. When Dallas beat Atlanta on Monday, then Minnesota the next night, the victories felt a little hollow. I'd already marked them as wins in my head. I suppose that can happen when you've only seen your team lose twice in the last 80 days.


Injury Update:Devean George has had his return pushed back again. He's now planning to return to practice on Monday.
The two weeks have passed and George said a setback on Monday didn't help his situation.

"I tried a little bit too early on Monday," George said. "I tried and it didn't go over well.

"Forward and backward, I'm great. If I could stand and shoot and they'd wait for me, it'd be great."