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Tuesday Links

Newsday's Ken Berger tells a familiar story on Dirk but one I always like hearing.

An hour after the Dallas Mavericks finished working out in preparation for Tuesday night's game against the Knicks, Nowitzki was just wrapping up his own practice. Just like any other day.

A hundred or more jumpers and a few agility drills with head trainer Casey Smith was about as exciting as a day in New York would get for Nowitzki, the best player on the best team in the NBA -- a team that appears to be steamrolling toward the championship it feels it had dead to rights last season.

"Oh, I'll probably go and eat, but that's about it," Nowitzki said Monday. "I'm not a big club-scene guy."

No clubbing. No Letterman appearance. Bright lights don't suit Nowitzki or the Mavericks, except when the arena lights come on during this nationwide tour of excellence.

Tim Cowlishaw makes his Dirk for MVP case. He says it's ridiculous that the Phoenix game reduced his candidacy in some peoples minds and points out that history is on Dirk's side.
Eleven teams have won 65 or more games in the history of the league. These were special teams led by special players, and they were duly rewarded in the voting.

Nine MVPs emerged from those 11 clubs. People with names like Wilt, Kareem, Magic, Bird, Shaq, Moses, the Jordan fellow - you know the type.

And if you want to argue that Nowitzki isn't on their level, well, Boston's Dave Cowens won one, too.

Art Garcia talked to Dirk about the Phoenix loss which he didn't take well.
"I'm 28 now," Nowitzki said. "I shouldn't miss a free throw down the stretch, but I guess it happens. We're all human. If we were all machines, the game would be boring. I guess emotions play a factor in a big game like that, and I did miss two free throws that are crucial."
I still feel good having Dirk at the line in late game situations.

Tons of good quotes in that article.


David Moore used a lot of the same quotes in his article today.