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Jalen Rose Will Not Be the Next Tim Thomas

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Not just because he isn't good, but Jalen Rose won't even be getting minutes as part of the Suns playoff rotation.

No matter how he fares in the upcoming games, Jalen Rose faces long odds in cracking the Suns' playoff rotation.

D'Antoni reiterated that he'll likely go with eight players in the playoffs. Right now, Rose is the ninth man, behind James Jones.

As the playoffs near, "We might go nine (players) sometimes. But eight is a good rotation. We kind of like that."
Signing Rose really didn't cost the Suns much, but it definitely hasn't worked out as planned.
"We just got better offensively and didn't defensively," Suns coach Mike D'Antoni said. "The downside for doing this is very minimal financially and basketball-wise. The upside is the guy is very talented.

"We'll eventually have nine guys who are interchangeable. Hell, he's 6-8, he could play center for us."
This comes as no surprise to us.