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Mark Cuban is Making Friends

Here's the background

Natalie, of fame, mentions in her post after the Mavs game that "Mark Cuban stood up in the closing minute of the game, faced the Pistons crowd and hollered, 'Western Conference Defense.'"

This leads to Pistons fans doing the usual, "Cuban should shut-up" and "stop whining, baby" routine. Nothing out of the ordinary -- until Cuban showed up to explain himself.

despite all the love im getting on the blog comments, let me explain my "taunting"

first, let me say Im a huge sheed fan and he knows it. So i check out this blog now and then

2nd. I did say "western conference defense " to the crowd. And if you do see a video of it, you will see they were all laughing. Why ? because a big chunk of the game, the guys behind me, someone said it was the Mayor, were yelling at us " Eastern Conference Defense" when the Pistons would get a big stop.

Which we all took as fun. And when we got the stop to end the game, i said the same thing back.

Thats what makes the games fun.

And for those of you who think an owner should just sit in a box. Feel free to buy a team and do just that.

Me, I love the NBA and the Mavs and its a whole lot more fun getting in to the games.
Pretty cool, and it led to some Pistons fans changing their tune.
Mark if you do read this I am sorry for my earlier comment and I can now say even know I view you as an owner I now respect the passion you have for this game and your team it is the same passion every true fan has for their team.
The story explains itself - Cuban is relatable.

I'll tell a Cuban story of my own now. I was a senior in high school the year Cuban bought the Mavs. For a marketing class I was in, everyone had to bring a "professional" to class so they could tell about the 'business-world'. About 20 people brought their mom or dad and a handful more brought their boss. A friend of mine, who was smarter than the rest of us, decided to email Mark Cuban. Two week later, there he was. He drove out to the suburbs on a Thursday afternoon to talk to a classroom of 25 seventeen and eighteen year olds for forty-five minutes. He came, he talked, and he left with a classroom full of "Mavs Fans For Life".