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Thursday Links

LeBron James thinks was left more impressed by the Mavs than Stephon Marbury.

Dallas is definitely one of the most explosive and well-coached teams of the last 10 years," James said. "Their record shows how well they play the game of basketball. There's a lot of explosiveness on that team."
So was their Coach, Mike Brown.
'They understand that in order to win in this league, you have to defend,'' Cavs coach Mike Brown said. ''They made us take a lot of tough shots. They had two big runs. That created the separation in the game. We fought and didn't hang our heads or give up. It put us in a hole.

''They do all the little things right. They execute the right way. Their patience was terrific. It was something we had a hard time battling against. We didn't do a nice enough job against them defensively. They have multiple guys who can score big points. They have a lot of weapons.''
Dallas didn't even look that great last night. The offense at the end of the game was particularly annoying -- again. In the final three minutes, trying to make a 10 point lead completely safe, they didn't make a single field goal and turned the ball over and turned the ball over twice.


Injury Update: Devean George and Greg Buckner will practice with the rest of the team today. They are both questionable for tomorrow's game at Boston.


Jason Terry is trying to convince Avery Johnson to let him run a few film sessions.


The latest DMN newsletter.


Dirk is funny.

Example One:
Mavs trainer Casey Smith was inducted into the Hall of Fame of his hometown of Wellston, Ohio.

Several in the room wanted to make sure Smith was recognized. Owner Mark Cuban wondered aloud about a halftime presentation at a future home game. But leave it to Dirk Nowitzki to offer up the most fitting tribute.

"Wellston is a dump," Nowitzki quipped with his usual charm.
Example Two:
before the team left on the trip, I was telling Dirk Nowitzki that he'd have D-Moore for a few days on the trip, to which he said, and I'm not making this up: "Cosby sweater? No way. We get him for a week?"