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Celtics Game Player Ratings

Game 68
Rating Avg -
Dirk Nowitzki 8 8.5 Scored over half of his points while the Mavs put the game away in the 3rd
Jason Terry 10 7.5 Didn't seem like he missed a shot
Josh Howard 8 7.8 Nice game glad he didn't get ejected
DeSagana Diop 8 6.2 11 rebounds and 5 blocks controlled the paint
Jerry Stackhouse 6 6.7 Led the Mavs in assists for the ninth time this season
Greg Buckner 6 6.2 Nice to have him get some rehab minutes in non-pressure game
Devin Harris 9 7.3 Good defense, led the team in +/-, and ran the offense very well. Great road trip so far.
Erick Dampier 5 6.8 Good thing Diop was having a hood game...
Austin Croshere 5 6 Really bad stint in the first half
Moe Ager 5 5 Just a turnover to show in his 4 minutes
Pops Mensah-Bonsu 6 5.7 Three field goal attempts all dunks - only made two of them though.
Jose Barea 6 5.8 J J B! J J B!