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Dirk Might Not Play Tonight

According to Eddie Sefko, Dirk was looking pretty bad after practice today.

Dirk Nowitzki shuffled lifelessly off the court at the Ford Center in Oklahoma City after today's shootaround, looking like death warmed over.

"It could be a lot better,'' he said as he walked slowly to the Mavericks' bus. "We'll see how an afternoon of sleep helps.''

Avery Johnson said Nowitzki didn't look like himself during the workout and said he's not optimistic about the 7-foot MVP candidate playing against the Hornets.
Dirk has only missed one game this season, and it was to "flu like symptoms" as well. Dallas beat Denver without him -- thanks to Josh Howard.

My gut tells me Dirk plays tonight, but it might make sense to rest him against the Hornets and have him fresh/less sick for Milwaukee tomorrow night.

Honestly, the Mavs should be able to win either game without him...