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Hornets Game Player Ratings

Game 70
Rating Avg -
Dirk Nowitzki 7 8.5 Obvious fatigue didn't bother his shooting
Jason Terry 9 7.5 That's Jason Terry. He's so hot right now.
Josh Howard 10 7.9 Stepped up with Dirk in reduced role
DeSagana Diop 7 6.2 Very good on the glass and on Chandler
Jerry Stackhouse 7 6.8 Again with the assists
Greg Buckner 6 6.1 Uninvovled
Devin Harris 8 7.3 Another nice game, don't think Paul's bad game was a coincidence
Erick Dampier 5 6.8 Diop was so much better that Damp stayed on the bench when Diop was in foul trouble
Austin Croshere 6 6 First time I remember someone coming up short on a dunk
Mo Ager 6 5 Mixed bag. One second a bad airball and the next he's slashing and getting to the line
Jose Barea 5 5.8 One of the only times he's come in and not done anything