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Peeking Down the Standings

The Mavs have to go 6-6 and to lose the number 1 seed at this point, so I thought it was time to see what round 1 might look like.

Battle for the 8th Seed
Seed W L PCT GB L10
6 LAL 38 33 .535 +3.5 5-5
7 DEN 35 34 .507 +1.5 6-4
8 LAC 34 36 .486 - 5-5
- GSW 34 39 .458 2 6-4
- NOK 23 39 .451 2.5 4-6

I don't think the Lakers will fall that far, and I don't think the Hornets can overtake two teams.

That leaves Golden State, Denver, and the Clippers. To me the Warriors are definitely the worst team on the list, and the Clippers have a much easier schedule (NOK2x, POR2x, SAC2x). In fact, I think the Clippers, with their schedule, might even overtake Denver for the 7th seed.

Avery Johnson says the Mavs have started preparing for all the above scenarios.
"I don't want to get too much into it right now," Johnson said. "It's too early. But we've had dialogue about it, and we'll have some different people moving across the country. Everything that's involved in that process, we've started."
Any Guesses?

I've also added a poll for who you would like to see the Mavs face in the first round.