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Thursday Links

Eddie Sefko writes about Dirk's ankle forcing him to miss getting his 15,000th point last night - he sits at 14,999.

With his next point, Nowitzki will become the 105th player in league history to reach 15,000.

This season, Nowitzki passed Mark Aguirre for second on the Mavericks' all-time scoring list. He trails Rolando Blackman, who scored 16,643 points in his Mavericks career.
I heard a reporter ask Dirk about this after the game and he genuinely had no idea, saying it would be cool to look back on when he retired, but that he couldn't really care less right now.


Jim Reeves says forget the magic number of six or seventy, four wins in the finals is all that matters.
Seventy might be basketball Valhalla for some, because of where it would place the Mavs in the pantheon of great NBA teams, but it rightfully means absolutely nothing to this team or to its coach except as a coincidental milestone on their mutual journey to a championship.

"MVP... coach of the year... all-star team... player of the week... player of the month... coach of the month... backup of the month... trainer of the month... 70... 60," Avery said, shaking his head. "We're here because we set the bar really high, which is kind of what I wanted.

"We're just trying to focus on trying to go into the playoffs as healthy, mentally and physically."

Avery Johnson called last night's game one of his favorite wins of the season.
"I'm really excited about this," Johnson said. "This is what you call a gutsy win. If the word 'gutsy' is in the dictionary, then the Mavericks that were on the floor tonight, all their pictures are next to it."

Injury Update: Josh Howard says he'll play Friday, as does Dirk Nowitzki. Greg Buckner played his most minutes last night since returning. And Devean George will play Friday after being held out last night.


The Mavs join another illustrious list.


Over Girls Gone Sports, Lauren tries to make Dirk jealous by writing a poem for Gana Diop.