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Tim MacMahon Has Some Competition

The Dallas Morning News has had their Mavs blog going all season, and just in time for the playoffs the Star-Telegram has jumped into the blogosphere.

Mavs Full-Court Press

It looks like Art Garcia and Jeff Caplan will be doing most of the writing, and they're off to a good start.

Caplan fills us in on Kevin Willis Maverick connections.

Willis lives in Atlanta where he runs his clothing company called Willis & Walker...they're into high-end sportswear and even outfit some Mavs, including Erick Dampier...There's also other connections that could help Willis fill that vacant roster spot. Willis and Avery played together in Denver and Mavs asst. coach Joe Prunty was an asst. under Gregg Popovich in S.A. when the Spurs won the title.
And Art Garcia shares an exchange he had with Avery about the Mavs best defensive lineup.
File this in the gotta-know-the-team-you-cover folder. A few days back, Avery brought up the idea of both Josh Howard and Devin Harris earning spots on the NBA's all-defense team. So I asked if he had his own all-defense Mavs team, five guys he could throw out there to shut it down.

As someone at every game, I felt fairly certain I could decipher the five, so I asked Avery if I could give it a guess right then and there. He obliged. Josh and Harris were no brainers. I followed with Devean George, Gana Diop and, after a little thought, I finished with Dirty. That's what we call Dirk.

Five for five.