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Saturday Stuff

Art Garcia writes about the good halves that Dampier and Diop had against Cleveland.

Dirk on the current winning streak.

"Record-wise, we really don't care," said Dirk Nowitzki. "We know we're going to lose sooner or later. It's not like we're going to run the table to the end. But for us, it's not important to be the best team now. We just want to improve so that when the playoffs come, we're a pretty good team."
And David Moore writes about Dirk the passer.
Perhaps, but the evolution of Nowitzki's passing game is one of the highlights of this season of wonder. He's had 19 games with at least five assists, including six of the last 11 games since Feb. 1.

He's averaging 3.4 assists for the season, easily a career best. But in the last month, he's averaging 4.7 per game, which puts him in Kevin Garnett territory. Considering his career assists average was 2.5 per game coming into this season, it's almost a 40-percent rise.

Bullets Forever has a fantastic post up with comments from other bloggers about what's actually important to winning as opposed to what many mainstream analysts focus on.