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Monday Links

I had no internet at my apartment yesterday so hopefully that's fixed when I get home from work today...

Dwain Price talked to Jason Terry and other Mavs about his 29 point 15 assist game against Orlando.

"I hate to sound [corny], but I had to get that Jet fuel going, and the guys responded."

The Mavs are 6-0 this season when Terry registers a double-double.

"Fifteen assists, that speaks for itself," Jerry Stackhouse said. "He was getting his, as well as getting other guys involved.

"It's always good to be at home, too. You know they're going to give you one or two [assists] you didn't really get."
Just out of curiosity I looked up some home/road splits for assist totals. Terry averages slightly more assists on the road. Steve Nash averages over 2 more assists per game on the road than at home. In other words, I didn't uncover any hints of overly generous home scorekeepers.


Price also has an article about the Spurs, basically saying they're still the Spurs and are dangerous in a seven game series.


Eddie Sefko writes about Avery trying to figure out what this should be doing when the playoffs come and how he doesn't mind if the tinkering leads to a loss.
"These men, they want to get it right," Johnson said. "They want to get better. And we see a lot of stuff behind the scenes that you guys don't see. No matter what we've been doing, we're still looking to improve. We're far from the ceiling, far from the top of the mountain, no matter what the record is.

"But have we made some progress? Yes. You'd have to be crazy to think we haven't made progress."

Chris Sheridan has a blog entry (insider) saying that right now Dirk is without a doubt the MVP. He likes Nash as well, but says the 50-9 record "trumps all other arguments".

Greg Anthony also picks Dirk as MVP in the 'Daily Dime'.


I had a reader send me a link to this video on YouTube. It has 75,000 views so there is a good chance many of you have seen it, but it was new to me. It's a little kid rapping about the Mavs. He calls himself "Bentley Green", and it's pretty entertaining.

I still prefer The Village Green myself...


Around the NBA: Yao Ming is expected to return tonight after missing the last 32 games.

Ben Gordon and Michael Redd combined for 100 points in OT game yesterday.