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Monday Links: Part Deux

Adam (A.K.A Agreen07) looks at the possibility of 72.

It will be tough to lose only a single game considering they have Phoenix twice, San Ann and Utah once, as well as a six-game road trip.

Hey Jean-Jacques Taylor, we get it.

Johnson understands there are bad wins and good losses, so to speak. Any performance that he thinks would result in a playoff loss is frowned upon even if the Mavs win by 10 points. Or 20.

That's why he hasn't been satisfied after each of the Mavs' 50 wins. This season is about a championship. Anything less will be considered an abject failure.

It must.
The Mavs view this game as just another building block because their season will be judged on their playoff success. This season is not about Nowitzki winning the MVP. Or Howard becoming an All-Star. Or Harris getting a multi-year deal in the off-season.

So win or lose today, Johnson will continue pushing his team toward a champagne celebration. Everyone understands that's all that matters.
The NBA is about rings. Russell, Magic and Jordan made it that way. Nothing else matters.
Now you understand why Avery Johnson didn't panic when the Mavs started 0-4. He couldn't stand it, but he realized there would be some sluggish moments during the season as he created a team ready to win a championship.

Don't ever forget, that's what this season is all about. Anything less than a championship should be considered a failure.

This is a championship-or-bust season for Dallas. Everyone who matters in the organization accepts that. For that, applaud them.
This is a championship or bust season for the Mavs, who blew a 2-0 series lead against Miami in the NBA Finals.

This season is about a championship - not a Southwest Division title or a No.1 seed in the Western Conference. Or anything else.

And Dwyane is going to try and give it a go.