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Wednesday Morning Links

Avery Johnson liked what he got out of Dampier last night.

And then there was Erick Dampier, who had one of his best games of the season with 12 points, 14 rebounds and two blocks.

"If I had to give a game ball like they do in football, I'd give it to Erick Dampier," coach Avery Johnson said. "He was really active from start to finish. He was a presence inside, and that's what we need from him in a night-in, night-out basis."
Last night was easily Dampier's best outing since he had 22 and 16 against Seattle on December 20th.

From December 20th to yesterday, Dampier had averaged just 6 points and 6.75 rebounds per game. Of course, Dallas was 31-2 and over that period so I can't complain.


The Nets Mikki Moore blamed himself after the game.
With the Nets down, 90-84, and with the ball, Moore was called for an illegal screen. On the ensuing trip, Nowitzki pumped-faked Moore into the air, drew the foul and knocked down the 16-footer. Nowitzki completed the three-point play to give Dallas a 93-84 cushion with 1:39 left.

"As I told the team, it's on me," Moore said. "I lost the game for the squad."
A far cry from when he said of the officials and Dirk Nowitzki, "they be babyin' him". One of my favorite quotes of all time.


Dwain Price talked to Scottie Pippen who was at the game yesterday.
"At the rate they're playing, they can keep that spot," Pippen said. "They can sign [owner] Mark Cuban to that spot.

"It's not like they need anything. They don't need me."

Sefko updates on Deavan George who said he felt good after the game.
"Hopefully, it won't take him longer than a week to 10 days to get back where he was. He was in a really good rhythm before he got injured. We had a game right before the break, the game he got injured in Milwaukee, that we wouldn't have won without him." [Avery]

George had to wear a brace on his right knee, something he will continue to do until he is comfortable without it. He appeared to move well but also looked a step slow at both ends of the floor.

"It's getting better each day, and I just wanted to test it, get the rust off," George said after finishing with nine minutes, three points and two rebounds. "It felt good to be out there, and I'm sure by Sunday it'll be much better."
George was a little slow to recover and missed two more game than originally planned. Of course, the Mavs were 7-0 without George so I can't complain.


Photo of the game. That's Jason Terry, and he ended up giving the woman in the red jacket a kiss.
"That's my lady," Terry said of the woman. "She's there every game, so I had to make sure she was all right.

"They tried to get me to kiss her husband, too, but that wasn't happening."

Around the NBA: The Spurs now have a ten game winning streak going, and they haven't gained a single game on Dallas...