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Thursday Morning Things

Here's the latest DMN Newsletter. Sekfo starts it off by predicting the Mavs will get to 70 and then answers some bizarre question like why Laura Green "holds her right arm like a bird with a broken wing at the beginning of the broadcast" and where someone can view the Mavs schedule.

Oddly enough, I've noticed the Laura Green arm thing too. She keeps her elbow perfectly bent unnaturally at a 90 degree angle in front of her body. Probably because she doesn't have pockets or want to put her arm behind her back. I definitely never would have thought to ask Sefko about it though...


Garcia writes about how the Mavs are staying grounded during a 16 game winning streak.

"There are times when you win a game because you're hot or lose a game because the other team gets hot," Austin Croshere said. "He's constantly having us working on getting better. We may have gotten hot and beaten a team, but we still did things wrong within our system.

"So instead of saying we won the game and moving on to the next one, there are still areas for us to get better at what we're trying to do. We're not just going to be happy with a game we shot the ball really well."

Sefko has an article about Avery Johnson visiting former Dallas Cowboys Ron Springs in the hospital. Springs just underwent a kidney transplant and the donor was another former Cowboy, Everson Walls.


Random Stuff: Bright Side of the Sun thinks Dirk is MVP.

Dirk has his own shoes. If you're kind of flashy and have $300.00 burning a hole in your pocket you can buy them here.

Carnival of the NBA #42