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Now the balance of trying to prepare for the playoffs and trying get healthy begins. Avery gave us a big hint as to how he's going to handle that balance right off the bat.

"Stack and Dirk [Nowitzki] will not be on the next trip," Johnson said of the one-stop trip to Minnesota. "I told them that if I see them on the plane, I'm going to fine them."
Love that decision.


Devean George will play increased minutes the final five games and judging from last night he's ready for them.
George had a 3-pointer, plus two of his three steals in that 2-minute, 23-second span that blew open a 44-43 Mavs lead into an 58-45 cushion just 1:07 into the third quarter.

George, who logged 33 minutes, tying his longest stretch since returning from the knee injury, also had an offensive rebound that led to Howard's deep 3-pointer, his only 3-point attempt of the game. That capped the run.

"I'm trying to build a rhythm and that's pretty much my role to be all over the place," George said. "I try to knock shots down when I'm open and really on defense try to make things happen, get deflections, try to disrupt their offense."

There was surprisingly little fanfare at the AAC after the Mavs clinched, Avery wanted it that way.
"Hey, it's special. You can't discount it," coach Avery Johnson said. "But we didn't come into the season wanting to be No. 1 [at the end of the regular season]. We came into this season wanting to end with a win. There's only one team that can do that."
Compare it to how Phoenix celebrated winning the Pacific Division.


David Moore chat.


According to Art Garcia, Avery pans to use of the final games as a dress rehearsal for the playoffs where he will use his playoff rotation.


Kevin Sherrington writes about the Mavs successful regular season.
The Mavs took care of business. They piled up win after win after win, and they became the best non-story in recent NBA history.

Only a couple of losses to Phoenix in the last month stirred up much fuss.

And if the Mavs' consistent excellence kept critics from pounding their pedigree, what exactly was there to complain about?

Here are two really dumb articles by Scoop Jackson and Jemele Hill about the MVP race. They include great bits of wisdom like this.
Steve Nash basically won the MVP award Sunday.