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Friday Links

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Art Garcia's got a good article on the Mavs Centers.

Dampier is averaging 7.1 points and 7.5 boards, and his shooting percentage (62.9) would lead the NBA if he had enough shots to qualify. Dampier's rebounding has been up since the start of March after dipping the previous three months.

"For me, I try to get 10 or more rebounds and 10 or more points," he said. "I'm sure [Diop's] goals are the same."

Diop's minutes have taken an upturn in recent weeks, as has his production. The 7-footer has at least seven rebounds in seven of his last 11 games, and he and is averaging a career-high 5.4 in that category.

Reading stuff like this makes me happy and nervous at the same time.
Consider that of the 11 other teams that have won 65 games or more, 10 of them went on to win the championship. The only one to come up short was the 1972-73 Celtics, who went 68-14 in the regular season and lost to the New York Knicks in a seven-game Eastern Conference finals.

Jeff Caplan previews the Jazz before tonight's game and says the Mavs would rather face Utah in the playoffs than Houston.


Short game preview by Sefko


Dwyane Wade is going to quit dunking.