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The NBA League Office is Annoying

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As you've probably heard, the MLB is having Jackie Robinson Day tomorrow and many players will be wearing his number 42 in his honor. Jerry Stackhouse, who already wears 42, wanted to take part as well.

"I tried to reach out to the league and use `Robinson' on the back of my jersey," Stack said. "They turned me down, but I'm still going to try to do something to commemorate him."

Stackhouse doesn't understand why, though he still might write something on his sneakers. The impact of Jackie Robinson goes far beyond baseball.

"It transcended all the sports," Stack said. "I think we should all pay homage to a guy like that. I learned that he had another passion, he fought with diabetes and that's really close to my foundation and my family."
Art Garica goes on to add that league is 100% wrong on this, and I agree. I dare the NBA to find one player or one fan who would take offense to this. I don't think they could.

The NBA now joins the NFL (ex: 2) in the group of pro sports leagues who blindly follow a policy without considering circumstance. Congratulations.