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Sunday Spurs Game Links

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This game looked good on paper back in November, but it's hard to get crazy excited about it now. But it's still the Spurs and Mavs, and it the game got special treatment in today's ESPN Daily Dime. It also got Tim Legler talking crazy about what would happen if the Spurs and Mavs meet in the postseason.

The Spurs will beat the Mavs because they can dictate tempo.

The ability of Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili to score in the paint will force the Mavs to play against San Antonio's half-court defense, which is the best in the NBA.

The best team in the NBA is Dallas, but the Spurs are playing the best and will be the underdog which will take some pressure off them, allowing their role players to contribute and be consistent.
1) One of the great things about the Mavs it that they can play at any tempo. And I'm pretty sure it was Devin Harris and Dallas who dictated the tempo in the playoffs last year.
2) Dallas plays at the third slowest pace in the NBA. They're pretty comfortable with their half-court offense.
3)I'm pretty sure Legler just said San Antonio will win because they aren't as good. No really, that's what he wrote -- read it again.


Avery Johnson plans to have everyone in uniform for the game today besides the injured Erick Dampier and unnamed bench player -- so really not everyone at all. Avery also says todays game will be a good one though there are no stakes.
"Whether we play [today] or whether Pop [Spurs coach Gregg Popovich] wants to come in and scrimmage against us Monday morning," Johnson said, "it's still the Spurs and the Mavericks, and it's always going to be a tussle."

As for Dampier, he's expected to practice tomorrow.
"I think more than anything, he needs contact," Johnson said. "It will be good for him to come back to practice on Monday. Getting him back in practice and letting him bang a little bit is what I'm hoping for. If he plays these last two days, with three days in between the [playoff game], hopefully, he'll be fresh."

Art Garcia has a very good article on perception vs. reality. It touches on a lot of things so I won't try and summarize.


Brian Davis breaks down all the streaks in the NBA this season.


Devin Harris has another entry in his Star-Telegram diary.
I still think about that Miami series though. We can't help the way the game was being called, but there were certain areas and certain plays -- all the games came down to one or two points, except for the sixth and final game -- but you just figure one stop here or there and we come out on top.

I can't wait to get another shot. One more week and it all starts again.

David Moore hands out his individual awards for the season.


This Day in Mavs History
1984 Finished the 1983-84 season with a record of 43-39. It was Dallas' first winning season.