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Jeff Caplan has praise for Devin Harris after his great game.

In Sunday's 91-86 win over San Antonio, the 6-foot-3 Harris played like the aggressive penetrater who often burned the Spurs in last season's playoff series.

Harris had 21 points, tied for the team high with Dirk Nowitzki, on 7-of-13 shooting. In the previous three games against the Spurs, he totaled 17 points on 7-of-23 shooting.

His game-high eight free-throw attempts told the story Sunday. He had taken only three free throws against the Spurs this season, but this time, he seized every opportunity to go hard to the rim.

Joey Crawford's side of the story.
"He was complaining the whole time. And then he went over to the bench and he was over there doing the same stuff behind our back. I hit him with one (technical) and he kept going over there, laughing, and I look over there and he's still complaining. So I threw him out."
Tim Duncan's side of the story.
"Joey has a personal problem with me and I can't do anything about that. I said three words to him the entire night and the other words were the two times he gave me technicals, so he's obviously got a personal problem with me."

Jerry Stackhouse had the best quote after the game.
"With Damp, we might have blown 'em out," Jerry Stackhouse said. "With Tim Duncan, they might have won by 10, you know? There's still a lot for the fans to think about going into the playoffs."
If the Mavs had lost the game I wouldn't have really cared, so I'm trying to have the same attitude now that the Mavs won. Still, it's hard not feel pretty good about seeing the Spurs in a best of seven series.


Ray Buck can't wait for the playoffs and is dreaming of Spurs/Mavs showdown.


Tim MacMahon has a few postgame thoughts on the DMN blog.
Avery ought to put Harris in every time Jacque Vaughn steps on the floor if these teams meet in the playoffs. Vaughn just isn't quick enough to have a chance.
He is dead on with that. Jacque Vaughn played 10 minutes and the Spurs were -9 when he was on the floor. During those ten minutes, Devin Harris had 14 of his 21 points.


This Day in Mavs History
1983 San Antonio shot 70.7% (53-75) FG, setting the NBA record for highest field goal percentage in a game.