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Jerry West is stepping down as GM of the Grizzlies after this season. West never did anything amazing during his time in Memphis, but odds are the person who replaces him won't be as good -- that's good news for the rest of the division.


Pat Riley says Miami is the best team in the league and that it will be easy for them to 'turn it on" because they're a team of veterans.


Things aren't looking good in Seattle. A vote for taxpayer funding of a new Sonics arena failed again, and David Stern said in his chat today "From a league perspective, we are hoping for a miracle that gets a vote accomplished. If not, things don't look very good."

In case you forgot, the team was sold to investors from Oklahoma City this summer.


Erick Dampier is officially a game-time decision tonight. That means he'll play. Never in history of Avery Johnson has palyer been a game-time decision and not played.