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Last Day Links

This is going to be a fun last day of the season. I already posted the possible scenarios, so I'll just add that I think the most likely is the Lakers, Clippers, and Warriors all winning. That would make Golden State the 8th seed.

Avery is taking some heat from LA about the Mavs roster last night, but Avery doesn't care.

"Sure was'' the right thing to do, Johnson said in explaining himself. "Coach's decision. We pretty much accomplished what we wanted with this game.''
So what did they accomplish? Well, nobody got hurt. And according to Mike Dunleavy the Mavs purposefully increased their odds of avoiding the Clippers.
"From what I'm hearing, Dallas didn't play their guys," Clippers coach Mike Dunleavy said. "Obviously Phoenix played their guys, so it tells you they (the Mavericks) probably prefer to play Golden State than us. That's what it comes down to."
Or maybe the Mavs were hoping to get the Lakers.

All those theories are fun, but I really don't think the Mavs care at all who they play. That's the message I got from Avery last night.


Art Garcia recaps the game and has a quote from Avery reiterating why he chose to play the end of the bench.
"I'm responsible for the Mavericks," Johnson said. "Just responsible for getting better every game. We played awfully well to do what we've done in the regular season. Even though we want to win a championship, it's pretty special what these men have done on a night-in and night-out basis."

In Brian Davis game recap, Dirk explains why he was more than happy to watch from the bench.
"In those kinds of games where you're not really playing for anything, you're kind of messing around and not really at 100 percent, that's the kind of games where you can get hurt or something can happen," Nowitzki said.

"It's good to know that we're winding this down and starting to get ready for the playoffs. It's about that time."

Kevin Sherrington is glad the Mavs lost because he wants to see the Warriors in the first round.


And Gil Lebreton is glad to see Joey Crawford gone.

Marc Stein has an interesting blog entry about the situation and it doesn't sound like we'll ever see Crawford on an NBA court again.
Crawford also blasted fellow referee Dick Bavetta in the e-mail obtained by, hinting at divisions among referees between those who do and don't support Bavetta and writing that maybe Bavetta will wind up as the crew chief in Game 7 of the NBA "which is a travesty in itself you even being in the finals."

Stern, in an appearance on Tuesday's "Pardon The Interruption" on ESPN, acknowledged Crawford's discontent, telling co-hosts Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon: "In fairness, I would say that [Crawford] doesn't think he did anything wrong and probably doesn't wish to work in the NBA any more."

This Day in Mavs History
2002 A blood clot was found in Avery Johnson's left calf after an MRI exam. He would have been out for at least 3 weeks and, as a result, he was left off the playoff roster.