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Late Night Roundup

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Some stuff I would have posted throughout the day if I'd had the time.

  • The Cubs are officially for sale. You can expect Mark Cuban's name to come up, but with the selling price expected to top 600 million, Cuban would have to settle for a much smaller ownership percentage than he has with Dallas. Smaller share would mean smaller involvement. Still, Cubs fans want him.
  • The league approved the 10-day contract of Kevin Willis today. He practiced with the team this afternoon but won't be on the active roster tomorrow.
  • Eddie Sefko held a chat on the DMN site today and you can read the transcript here.
  • Dwyane Wade returned to practice today and is slated to return on April 11th. Miami has gone 13-7 in the 20 games since he was carted off the court with a dislocated shoulder. Wade assured us his shoulder would magically be 100% when he suited up saying "Trust me, when I take the court, I'll be alright."
  • Clippers PG Sam Cassell is likely out for the rest of the season. The Clippers are currently 8th in the West - 1.5 games ahead of Golden State and a half game behind Denver.
  • You should definitely go check out the newly launched Ballhype. It's very cool - screencast of all it's features.
  • Jason Terry's clothing line has launched.
  • I didn't even catch this last night because it was a such a foregone conslusion, but Dallas clinched the Southwest Division title when the Spurs lost to Indiana.
  • Marc Stein kept Dallas at number one in his power rankings.
  • League officials say Shawn Marion did commit a foul when Dirk landed on his ankle. This needs to be a point of emphasis before the playoffs and over the offseason.