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Saturday in the Papers

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Ok, there's a ton of stuff out there today...

David Moore has a league-wide playoff preview in which he picks Devean George vs. Jason Richardson as one of the key matchups.

Remember what Dwyane Wade did to the Mavericks in The Finals? Well, Richardson was doing that to the Mavericks in the regular season long before Wade. The Mavericks will use several different players against the Golden State sharpshooter, but George is the first line of defense.
Moore also picks the Mavs to beat Golden State in five.


Brian Davis looks back at the regular season series against the Warriors.

And in another article, David Moore writes about why what happened in the regular season doesn't matter now.
"Everything we do is for a reason," point guard Devin Harris said. "We run certain plays. We finish our plays. We know the first or second option isn't going to work in the playoffs, with teams knowing you inside and out. It's going to take that third and fourth option to get those shots or easy buckets. It's something we figured out last year.

"Some teams are regular season teams. Stuff they can get away with in the regular season doesn't really fly in the playoffs. It's a different level."

The Star-Telegram went nuts with their playoff coverage today.

It starts with this excellent article by Art Garcia about the Mavs trying redeem themselves.
"It really pushed me all the way through this season to get closer to our goal," he said. "And that is to have another great playoff run and hopefully have another chance to get in the Finals and don't make the same mistakes again."

Nowitzki's worth goes beyond scoring. He's just gone through a season facing double-teams and more defenses geared to stop him than at any other point in his nine-year career.

"I have to make some other things happen, make my teammates better," he said. "I have all the confidence in the world in them to make plays. Whatever happens, I've got to adjust my game."
"A lot of guys said we were the better team and we deserved to win, but we didn't," Nowitzki said. "So you've got to look at why we didn't win. You've got to give Miami credit, and also we didn't play our best basketball, so I think sympathy in our sport doesn't really mean anything. You don't want sympathy. You want to get the respect, and we just fell short."
And the rest

10 Questions about the West and the Eastby Jeff Caplan

Article by Art Garcia about Avery wanting to make sure the Mavs don't have any players get suspended this postseason.

Jeff Caplan article about Kevin Willis -- loved this Diop quote ""I mean, he's not bad. He's still good."

Q&A with Devean George

What happened to the last 10 teams to finish the regular season with the best record

Scooter Hendon breaks down the Mavs shooters and their best spots on the floor.

Garcia's and Caplan's predictions.


SLAM Online Mavs/Warriors Preview


This Day in Mavs History
2001 Played in their first playoff game after an 11 year drought.