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Angry Monday Links

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Wait, we're the one seed right?

"They're so good they make you adjust to them," Dirk Nowitzki said.
I don't even know what to write today. 'Suck' is the only word I can think of. As in "Dirk sucked" or "the offense sucked".

Tim Cowlishaw took the "Dirk Sucked" angle.
Guarded by smaller men all night - at times even Davis, all 6-3 of him - Nowitzki did not impose his will on this game.

He just clanked jump shots and flailed his arms and looked absolutely nothing like the player we know he is.

In the fourth quarter, when the Mavericks needed him to step up, he was 0-for-3. Two of the attempts were from 3-point range.

I don't know what's worse, not scoring in the fourth quarter or playing all but 23 seconds of a period in which Dallas was trailing and taking only three shots.
I imagine there are some award voters second guessing the MVP ballot they already turned in.

Dirk was so bad that nobody is even talking about Jerry Stackhouse going 0 for 6 and turning the ball over five times.


Ray Buck thinks Dallas should go big to start game two.


Randy Galloway has a sky is falling piece.
But first things first, and that's Golden State. For the moment, forget June. Surviving April, and the first round, just got a little bit harder for the Mavs.

Nightmare memories of last summer's collapse in The Finals came creeping back around in this Game 1 at the downtown Dallas arena. A stunned full house watched the Warriors dictate the terms, and master the matchups in a blowout -- yes, blowout -- win, 97-85.
The loss was ugly, but I'm not putting it in the "blowout" category. Golden State led by double digits for a total of about two minutes, and Dallas was only down one possession with 5 minutes left.


Mike Fisher takes the 'Gameplan Sucked' angle.
For the Game 1 record: Sunday’s 97-85 upset loss was the result of coach Avery Johnson "playing down’’ (figuratively and literally) to the eighth-seeded Warriors. By installing a "surprise’’ starting five with virtually no precedent, No. 1-seeded Dallas tried to junk it up, tried to trick it up, tried to unorthodox-it up against a Warriors team that uses that hair-on-fire style not just because it’s "neato’’ but because it must.

I said it two weeks ago and I say it now: This sort of cutesy move (complete with three days of Avery’s adorable pre-game bluff promising "Damp will need to be a monster’’) constitutes a forfeiture of the huge advantage Dallas has worked to hard to build in the assembly of this roster.
Small ball failed.

DeSagana Diop played 16 minutes, grabbed five rebounds, and scored all four of the teams bench points. Dallas was also +8 while he was on the floor -- the only Mav to end the night in positive territory. (Dirk was minus 20)

Erick Dampier, who we're told is healthy, grabbed three rebounds in his two minutes. Golden State did not score while he was on the floor.

The absence of a center was huge on offense as well. Avery explained the small ball decision by saying "They start two point guards, two [shooting guards] and a [small forward] and we haven't been able to make them pay on the offensive end." They didn't pay for it last night either.

Without the "pick" in the Mavs bread-and-butter pick-and-roll they looked lost -- relying solely on a penetrate and pass offense. That doesn't work when you can't make a jumpshot.

Avery, admit your mistake and on Wednesday run out the starting lineup that won 67 games.


This Day in Mavs History
1987 Midwest Division title banner raised. 11 team records set in 151-129 playoff win over Seattle.