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Hollinger Says No to Small Ball

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Making him about the 100th writer to do so today.

Dampier would have been a defensive liability, yes, especially if he was trying to guard Al Harrington man-to-man. On the other hand, he would have absolutely destroyed Golden State on the glass (as it was, he got three rebounds in two minutes, two of them offensive).

For further proof that bigger might be better for Dallas, consider this note provided by our Henry Abbott: The Mavs were plus-8 with DeSagana Diop on the court, but minus-20 with George.

Not only did the switch not seem to slow Golden State much, it also might have been a factor in Dallas' offensive woes. The Mavs gave 44 minutes to George and Greg Buckner, and were rewarded with 10 points and two assists. I'm guessing the Dampier-Diop combo -- which produced seven offensive rebounds in 16 minutes against the tiny Warriors -- could have done better.