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Game Two Links

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Still no word on what the starting lineup may look like tonight, but Jason Terry is on record.

"Our [centers] are a big part of what we do offensively and defensively, so we definitely need them to play in the game," Mavs point guard Jason Terry said. "I'm not the coach. I don't do the rotations, but hopefully so."

Johnson kept his latest strategy top secret: "We'll continue to try to make the best decisions that are in the best interests of our team that gives us the best chance to win."

David Moore wonders how the Mavs will defend Baron Davis tonight and has some suggestions.
Do a better job of keeping the ball out of his hands. The team did trap Davis on Sunday, but once they got the ball out of his hands, they let him get the return pass. The Mavericks can do a better job of denying him the ball once he gives it up.

If Johnson gives Erick Dampier and DeSagana Diop more minutes, he wouldn't be as reluctant to spot Harris and Terry on the Golden State point guard. Their speed could limit Davis' penetration and when he did go inside, the two centers could rotate and provide weak-side help.

The Mavericks can also run defenders at Davis in waves. Josh Howard is a candidate to see more time against the Warriors point guard if Davis is on a roll.
Personally, I want to see Devin Harris on him until Davis shows that he can post up and score at will or Monta Ellis proves he needs someone with Harris speed defending him.


Eddie Sefko writes about the Mavs confidence level, basically saying that it is not an issue.


Al Harrington thinks they've figured out Dirk.
"He (Nellie) knows his comfort spots," Harrington said. "We know that if he catches it on the elbow or he catches it right there at the free-throw line, you're done. We watched him all last year in the playoffs get 40-a-game on that one play. That's the biggest thing, we've got to make him catch it in other areas."

"By us fronting him, that's going to make him push himself a little bit further than where he wants to catch it. He wants to catch it on the free-throw line. We're making him catch at the 3-point line, it's a big difference. And for him to get to the free-throw line, he has to take three dribbles."
Here's something I've never really understood. When any other superstar has a bad game, people always say "he had a bad game" or "wow, great defense". When Dirk has a bad game people always start to say that so-and-so has "figured him out". People have been saying this for years.

In the past, McGrady, Bowen, and Marion, have been called Dirk stoppers. The Mavs, thanks to Dirk, have knocked all of those teams out of the playoffs in the last two postseasons. Dirk has been in the league for nine seasons and keeps getting better, so you would think at some point people would stop thinking there is this magic way to make him suck every game.


Jason Richardson says he'll have a bounce back game tonight.


Isiah Thomas got one third place vote for Coach of the Year. Avery finished third overall.


This Day in Mavs History
2005 The NBA fined Avery Johnson $10,000 for failing to leave the court in a timely manner following Game 1 vs Houston on 4/23/05.