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This article in SF Gate was written just for Dirkatron.

David Stern will not allow a No. 8 seed to beat a No. 1 seed. The NBA's regular season is ridiculous and tedious, but Mr. Stern will not allow it to be labeled useless, which is what a Warriors upset would indicate.

Stern would love to stick it to Little Lord Whines-a-Lot (Mark Cuban), but he knows people were talking about 70 wins for the Mavs this season, and they can't go down in the first round, not having won 25 more games than Golden State.

Stern nailed the Mavs pretty good in the NBA Finals last year -- refs seemed to favor Miami -- so there cannot be an appearance of anti-Dallas sentiment again so soon.

Geoff Lepper has more about the fines levied by Don Nelson. He calls them "substantial" but also add that if they are fined by the NBA too then they will only have to pay those.


Warriors players have high expectations for the crowd tonight.
"It's going to be pandemonium, just ridiculous," center Adonal Foyle said, noting the mad scramble at the Arena when single-game seats for Games 3 and 4 went on sale Saturday. "It's been ridiculous already just getting the tickets, actually getting into the building. I mean, they went crazy trying to get in, so once they're in, it should be righteous fun."

Janny Hu, who said before the series started that the Warriors would impose their will on the Mavs, has another unintentionally hilarious article today.
The trouble began midway through the third quarter, when, in the middle of the decisive 11-0 Mavs run, Jackson was called for a foul against Jason Terry. Davis said the crowd was so loud that he didn't hear the whistle blow, so he reached in again on Terry, who took exception to the swipe.

Six minutes later, Davis was whistled for his fifth personal foul on a block attempt with two-tenths of a second left in the third, and the point guard clearly didn't agree with the call.

He stalked off to the sidelines and began clapping and smiling. And though Nelson walked over to settle him down, telling Davis "Don't do that," he continued clapping until Bennett Salvatore T'd him up for the automatic ejection.
After continuing to argue with officials -- though using no profanity, according to Al Harrington -- Jackson was issued his second T by referee Jim Capers, earning an ejection.