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Jason Terry Speaks

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Wow, TrueHoop is a Mavs fans best friend right now. Earler in the week we were treated with a fantastic Josh Howard interview and now True Hoop will be hosting Jason Terry's playoff journal.

The first installment is up now. He talks about a lot stuff, and says the game one loss had nothing to with small ball and everything to do with energy.

I hate to say it, but we needed a wake-up call.

Now, we knew Game 1 was a big game for us. We fought all season to get home court wrapped up -- and we lost it. Why? We came out a little tense and without the energy that is needed in to win in the playoffs. They dictated the pace and tempo, and showed all of the emotion and energy, so they worked us over.

When I say tense, I wouldn't say we were nervous, but when watched the tape together on film, we noticed weren't playing with any excitement or enthusiasm. It's about being aggressive, attacking the basket, and not settling for outside shots. And a lot of us were guilty of that. Golden State is a great transition team -- you miss a jumper, they take a long rebound down for an easy dunk or a three in transition. We weren't diving for loose balls. Our bench wasn't into the game. These are they things you need in the playoffs, especially at home. You must play with energy and feed off your fans. And we blew it.
Terry also says game two was a must win and thinks the Don Nelson stroylines for the series are way overblown.

Check it out.