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Yesterday I decided to put as much effort into this site as the Mavs did into game three.

There's obviously some building panic right now. Another Mavs blogger is losing faith, and Mike Fisher is proclaiming last week as the worst ever.

"We were a step slow.'' "We could never get it under control.'' "I didn't see that look in the guys' eyes.'' "We better get our swagger back.'' "It's hard to explain.'' "We didn't have the passion, the fire, the intensity or the physicality to win this game.'' "We lost our composure.''

Listen, if you are lacking speed, control, intensity, swagger, passion, fire, intensity, physicality, composure, and any explanation for any of it, this is "The Mavs Worst Week Ever.''
Certainly Friday's loss was hard to swallow, but I didn't expect Dallas to win both games in Golden State. Win tonight and Dallas comes back 2-2 as I thought would happen to begin with. So I'm not panicking yet, but that doesn't mean I'm not concerned about possibly panicking in the future -- for this reason.
"I wouldn't say we're worried, but our backs are against the wall," Dirk Nowitzki said Saturday. "If we lose [today], this season is pretty much over."

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